General Prices

White Collar Investigation   $200.00 Per Hour
General Investigation   $200.00 Per Hour
Clerical   $60.00 Per hour
Basic Background Investigation   $50.00 (Includes 1 Comprehensive Report, 1 Basic DL Report)
Physician Background Investigation   $250.00 (Includes 1 Personal Comprehensive, Business
    Comprehensive, State Complaints/Disciplinary Actions,
    Legal Actions, License Verification, Media Articles,
    Employment Verification and Character References)
Federal District Court Record   $140.00 Per District
Education Verification   $35.00 Each
Military Verification   $35.00 Each
Professional License Verification   $35.00 Each
Employment Verification   $75.00 Up to Ten
Residence Verification   $75.00 Up to Ten
Character Interviews   $25.00 Each
Medical History (Signed Consent)   $30.00 + Cost of Copies
Driving Record   $30.00 (Texas) Please Call For Any Other State Rate
International Background    Cost is Unique to Each Country
Credit Report (signed consent)   $30.00 Each
Basic Criminal History   $20.00 Per Report
Basic Comprehensive Report   $25.00 Per Report
Basic Finder Report   $15.00 Each Report
National Sex Offender Search   No Charge
SSN Verification   $10.00 Each Report
All States AKA Record   $10.00 Each Report
National Eviction Records   $25.00 Per State
OFAC Records   $20.00 Per Report
Patriot Records   $10.00 Per Report
Expenses   Actual Cost Plus 20%
Mileage   $0.75 Per Mile
Copies   $0.50 Per Page Other Than Initial Investigation
Single Bank Account Locate   $450.00 Per Individual
Bank Locate Statewide   $550.00 Per Individual
Nationwide Bank & Brokerage   $2,000.00 Per Individual
Statewide Bank and Brokerage   $1,000.00 Per Individual
Brokerage and Multifunds Statewide   $800.00 Per Individual
Account Updates   $200.00 Per Account
Tracer Asset or Employment Locate   $500.00 Per Individual
SSN Search   $35.00 Per Individual
Rush Charges For Banking   $200.00 Per Search
FEIN Searches    $150.00 Per Company
Landline Subscriber Information   $100.00 Per Phone Number
Cell Phone Subscriber Information   $150.00 Per Cell Phone Number
Cell Phone Search By SSN   $400.00 Per Cell Phone Number $100.00 No Hits       
Please note:

If you are requiring travel, Investigation time will also be add for the time traveled unless other arrangements were made prior to travel.
In many cases, two investigators will be working on your case. If only one investigator is required to do the job safely, the other investigator will be at no charge.
Please note: other charges may apply

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